[Lyrics] 歌詞: それぞれに──各自遠颺

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這是無意間在中華電信 MOD 上看到的 MV,
I saw the MV on CHT's MOD channel by coincidence.
This song is so special that makes me digg it somehow.

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歌手: 中 孝介
Singer: Kouseke Atari

Ref.: Wikipedia JP

奄美大島出身,中學時 (1997 年) 開始學習島歌唱腔 *1
1998 年 05 月,在第十九屆奄美民謠大賞中第一次嶄露頭角,
2000 年,於同比賽中獲得新人獎與奄美連合大會總冠軍。

*1島歌 (日文)

Born in Amami Ōshima,
Atari started his learning in Shima Uta in 1997.
At May 1998, in the 19th Amami Folk Song Contest,
Atari come to fore at the first time.
At 2000, he won the Rookie of the year
and the First Prize in the same contest.


The lyric here is "Fly Apart" (それぞれに)
The Chinese translation was made by my Japanese teacher,
and I've translated them into English.

Fly Apart

歌:中孝介 作詞 / 作曲:江崎とし子
Singer: Atari Kousuke, Composer / Lyric by: Toshiko Ezaki


そよ風が告げる 春の訪れ
咲き乱れる 花の香りに 遠い君を想う

  紛紛綻放的花朵香氣裡 令人想起遠方的妳

  The breeze brings the message of spring
  The fragrance of flowers
  reminds me of you far away

春の陽に見守られて 花が咲くように
いつかは希望の陽が 照らすでしょう


  Like the blossom under the sunlight
  I believe, our future would be shone
  by the light of hope

それぞれにそれぞれの 決めた道を歩き
いつの日か微笑んで また逢えるその時まで

  在未來的某日綻放笑容 直到重逢時

  We fly apart from now on
  'til someday, we'll gether again with smiles


黄昏が告げる 秋の訪れ
移り行く 紅の空に 遠い日々を想う

  隨歲月被晚霞染紅的天空 令人想起遙遠的往日

  The eventide brings the message of autumn
  The sky redden by yesterday
  reminds me of the old days

秋の陽に 見守られて 実り成るように
いつかは 君の夢も 叶うでしょう

  總有一天 妳的夢想終會實現

  Like the ripen fruits under the sunlight
  Your dreams will come true in time

repeat * -> (3)


ある日交わした約束 僕らが描いてた
未来は どんな色に 染まるのでしょう

  當初許下的約定 是我們描繪的
  想像中的未來 日後將會染上何種顏色呢

  How it would turned out
  the dreams we illustrated that day?

repeat * -> FIN


決めた道を歩き いつの日か微笑んで

  踏上各自所選擇的道路 在未來的某日綻放笑容

  We fly apart from now on
  'til someday, we'll gether again with smiles

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