Yet another test

Message format:
- [MIME header]
Content-Type: multipart/mixed

HTML context
with alternativeTEXT ("with" HTML tags) file.
Contents are encoded using base64 algorithm

- [HTML part]
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Transfer-Encoding: utf-8;

- [TEXT file part]
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Transfer-Encoding: utf-8;

HTML tags test:
(tag: strong): This is a test.
(tag: b): This is a test.
(tag: em): This is a test.
(tag: i): This is a test.
(tag: a href): This is a test.
(tag: font style, propties: red, bold): This is a test.
(tag: img): This is a test.

UTF-8 characters test:
Chinese: 繁體中文測試 / 简体中文测试
Japanese: これはテストです

End of test.

[posted by cornguo @ CornGuo's BLOG]

Message format:<br />- [MIME header]<br /><blockquote>Content-Type: multipart/mixed</blockquote><br />- [CONTENT]<br /><blockquote><strong>HTML</strong> context<br />with alternative<strong>TEXT</strong> (<em>"with"</em> HTML tags) file.<br />Contents are encoded using <strong>base64</strong> algorithm</blockquote><br />- [HTML part] <br /><blockquote>Content-Type: text/html<br />Content-Transfer-Encoding: utf-8;</blockquote><br />- [TEXT file part] <br /><blockquote>Content-Type: text/plain<br />Content-Transfer-Encoding: utf-8;</blockquote><br /><br /><br />HTML tags test:<br />(tag: strong): <strong>This is a test.</strong><br />(tag: b): <b>This is a test.</b><br />(tag: em): <em>This is a test.</em><br />(tag: i): <i>This is a test.</i><br />(tag: a href): <a href="http://www.mobile01.com" target="_blank">This is a test.</a><br />(tag: font style, propties: red, bold): <font style="color: #FF0000; font-weight: bold">This is a test.</font><br />(tag: img): This is a test. <img src="http://albums.atcity.org:9000/GiroroIcon/aba.thumb.jpg"/><br /><br /><br />UTF-8 characters test:<br />Chinese: 繁體中文測試 / 简体中文测试<br />Japanese: これはテストです<br /><br /><br />End of test.<br /><br /><br />[posted by cornguo @ CornGuo's BLOG]